RIGHTWELL Dog Bowls, 2 PCS Removable Stainless Steel Crate Dog Water Bowls, 2-in-1 Pet Cage Hanging Feeding Bowls with Bolt Fixer, Suitable for Puppies, Cats and Other Small Animals



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Product Description

Dog bowls

Are you still troubled by the Various inconveniences of poor quality dog bowls?

Are you struggling to find the right feeding bowl for your pet?Don’t worry, there will be no more difficulties from now on.

Made of food safe stainless steel and thickened plastic,which is safe and durable enough for your pet.

Helps keep the feeding area clean and tidy, easy to clean after use, easy to install and disassemble, which is convenient enough.

The appearance of the non spill dog water bowl is cute and simple, and perfect match for your crate or cage.

The bright colors can attract the dog’s attention and help improve feeding.

More than just a simple dog bowl feeder, it’s the perfect tool to help your puppy drink water.

dog bowlsdog bowls



Material: Stainless steel, PP

Color: Blue/Green

Size: 17.6*16.3*5.5cm

Capacity: 750ml

Quantity: 2 Pieces

Detachable design

Detachable design

 thickened plastic

 thickened plastic

HHigh-quality stainless steeligh-quality stainless steel

HHigh-quality stainless steeligh-quality stainless steel

Detachable Design

the inner liner can be taken out and used as ordinary dog bowls, and can be used to separate food and water,multi-purpose bowl,smooth surface easy to clean.

PP thickened plastic

The shell is made of PP resin,thickened plastic, anti-fall, non-toxic and odorless, clean and hygienic, intimate quality to care for the health of pets.

High-quality stainless steel

The inner tank is made of preferred stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, strong toughness, Smooth corners can prevent pets from being accidentally injured during eatingand is healthier and safer.

Large nut design

Large nut design

Suspendable design

Suspendable design

Multifunctional use

Multifunctional use

Large nut design

The large nut thread design can be easily and quickly fixed on the cage, rotary fixation, easy installation, large area increase friction, avoid leakage or dog water bowl knocking over due to shaking.

Multifunctional use

High-quality materials pefect for holding dry dog food, warm or wet food,snacks and water, The height can be adjusted at will,without other tools can adjust the eating and drinking height suitable for pets,convenient and fast.

Suspendable design

The large nut thread design can be easily and quickly fixed on the cage, rotary fixation, easy installation, large area increase friction, avoid leakage or dog water bowl knocking over due to shaking.

How to installHow to install


If you are worried that the pet hanging bowl will accidentally fall to the ground during use, double fixation binds the nut screw to the cage three to four times using a thicker rope which can effectively prevent the lock from loosening.

1.Turn counterclockwise to loosen the white screw cap of your pet’s hanging bowl. 2.Place the screw part on the plastic outer bowl into the gap between the two wires of the dog cage. 3.Rotate clockwise and tighten the white nut. 4.Once installed, shake gently with your hands to make sure the dog food bowl is securely mounted on the cage.

dog bowlsdog bowls

Premium Material — The crate dog food bowls are made of premium stainless steel and eco-friendly thickened PP materials,which are safe and non-toxic, odourless and durable, not easy to rust and broken after long-term use
Unique Design — This dog drinking bowl equipped with a bolt fixer that can be directly connected to the crate, and the ripple design can increase friction to strengthen the stability between the dog food bowl and the crate, preventing the dog from overturning the dog crate water bowl and causing food and water to overflow
Separable Design — Our dog crate water bowls are detachable. When you are cleaning the dog bowl, adding or replacing food, you don’t need to take the entire dog bowl off, just only take away the stainless steel bowl. In addition, you can separate the dog bowl and use it as two bowls, one for food and the other for water
Keep the feeding area tidy:Compared with the ordinary dog food bowl placed on the bottom surface, hanging on the cage can prevent the dog from knocking over the dog basin,and can also prevent the dog crate bowl from tilting and sliding when using to spill more water and food causing water and food to spill everywhere,helping to keep the feeding area tidy,the hanging design saves space and avoids the noise caused by the collision of the stainless steel dog bowl with the ground,providing your pet with a clean and comfortable dining environment.
Easy to clean:Mirror polishing makes the surface of the movable dog crate bowl very smooth and not prone to dirt.Washing with water can easily clean it,even if used for a long time,and the dishwasher is safe.

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